About Us

We are a company that has been in the detergent, cleaning products and cosmetics sector since the year 1989, gone into mass production by building a plant in 2000; and with the brand Ezel premium, Ezel beauty therapy, Pomar, Nicca Azel and Neon which we had created through the experience gained within years and oriented by the consumer needs in the existing market, we are a company with wide range of general cleaning products, which are in compliance with European standards, that keeps the customer satisfaction and production a priority without sacrificing quality. Our products that are registered with certificates of quality, which are recognized by both domestic and foreign authorities, and that have been through meticulous quality control before reaching you, do not only offer cleanliness, but also provide “Hygiene”.

Annual production capacity of our plant is; 80.000 tons of Powder Detergent, 60.000 tons of Liquid Detergent and Cosmetic Product.

Research and Development investments, production facility equipped with latest technology, high quality products in compliance with World standards and goals that grow day by day has made BSK Grup Kimya / Basak Detergent the leader in its sector. Also, it has made a name for itself through advertisement and marketing activities both in national and international markets. With our company’s young and dynamic structure, service mentality that prioritizes consumer expectations, product development, promotion, publicity and advertising support we give in markets where our business partners are in, the brand Ezel premium, Ezel beauty therapy, Pomar, Nicca Azel ve Neon hit stores on the front rows and became an irreplaceable brand.

Our Vision; Focusing on sectors where we have competitive power both national and international, Becoming the leader in active sectors, Increasing the brand power and creating new brands and products in active sectors, Providing after-sale customer satisfaction.