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The perfect solution for tough stains

The perfect solution for tough stains

In our daily life, we are intimately involved with many materials. If these materials are spilled on us, stains may occur on our clothes. Some of these stains are easy to remove as well as difficult to remove stains. The question of how to remove difficult stains is made at the end of this event and investigated. Difficult stains spilled on a very valuable garment at some stages are an event that is desired to be removed without leaving a trace. Because our clothes cause pollution in their appearance due to this difficult stain. In addition, excessive stress in these steps also causes deterioration in our clothes. In other words, while we want to remove the stain, we should not damage the clothes we love. For this reason, it is beneficial to know how to remove various difficult stains. The tricks about these allow the outfit to get rid of with little damage.


Colored foundation with concealer effect that we women apply to our face to cover redness and stains on our face is seen as a difficult stain when poured or touched on our clothes. This stain can occur as a result of touching our face, especially while wearing or taking off our clothes. The foundation stain, which is seen as this difficult stain, should be removed immediately with a cloth. After 5 ml of ammonia is poured into 500 ml of warm water, the place where this stain occurs is immersed in this water. It is soaked and kept waiting and rinsing is well performed after the waiting phase is complete. This difficult stain, which soapy water is also effective, gives a purified result when intervened quickly.


Just as the coffees that many of us love and that can be remembered for forty years when drunk are beautiful, they are as difficult to stain as they are. Those who ask the question of how to remove difficult stains are also people who are looking for a solution for coffee stains. When applied quickly with oxygenated water or soapy water, the stain will come off. Taking the stain out of the iron and washing it quickly with liquid detergent is an important step in removing the stain. Liquid detergent, which has a quality stain remover feature, removes the stain as it comes out of the machine.


Chocolate, which is a favorite dessert from children to adults, is seen among the stains that it creates on clothes that are difficult to remove. Quick action is essential for removing this stain. Even if the stain dries, it is scraped off with the help of a spatula and the stain processed underneath is removed. After the glycerin is rubbed on the stain and left between two other papers that absorb oil, it is observed that the stain is removed. But instead of these steps, after a quality detergent scraping process, the chocolate trace will also appear in the machine.


An ink stain is the hardest known stain to remove. It contains stages of stains, which are quite permanent, for removal. Those who ask the question of how to remove difficult stains definitely want to learn how to remove ink stains. Quick intervention after the formation of the stain also prevents the stain from being permanent. Pouring a liquid detergent on the stain and washing it in the machine can be one of the methods to remove the stain. A mixture of lemon juice and milk is also a mixture that allows the ink to come off the fabric.

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